Brief history of one of the expensive company’s

As everyone already knows this company is ruined and closed its production. But I still want to write about it here. After all price list for Vertu phones started from 14 thousand dollars. Some of the latest models of this manufacturer used synthetic sapphires to create the display – the ones Apple considered for its iPhone, but later refused because of production problems. With this material it is difficult to work, but its main practical advantage is that it is difficult to split such a screen.

On the example of this company, I want to show that the functionality of a mobile phone is much more important than the ego and the diamonds. But with technology, everything remained sad. In the world there were new iPhone, Samsung, Sony. There appeared fast-growing brands Meizu and Xiaomi. Vertu also supplemented the body with new jewels.

In 1998, Nokia’s chief designer Frank Nuovo decided that there was no premium segment in the mobile phone market. At that time, cellular communications were used by few, but businessmen were already actively learning a new way of communication. Nokia at that time was in the lead in the market and understood where mobile communications are moving.

The British company employs the own command of designers and works practically in a complete autonomy from Nokia. Today the creative director in Vertu is Frank Nuov, before one of leading designers of Nokia. “It is impossible to take simply a usual mobile phone, to put on it platinum tank and to inflate the price, – president of Vertu Nigel explains. – the buyers, ready to pay such sum, have got used to see quality”. We will tell, under each button of device Vertu the ruby mechanism (in something similar that is used in a mechanical clock) disappears. While usual transportable terminals (delivered, naturally, without rubies) after a half-million of pressing the button start to fail sometimes, the device from Vertu will work even after five millions times pressing of the same button.
Besides, not a secret that buyers of Vertu appreciate design of the device and hardly in a year-two will fork up on a new mobile phone for some thousand (or even tens thousand) dollars. Therefore “interiors” of each device are standardized that in the future they could be replaced.
The president of Vertu while refuses to define market size. By some estimation, the size of the given segment already in the nearest couple of years can reach metrics of sales of expensive mechanical clock.
The company has a network of shops worldwide where sellers in classical suits tell to potential buyers about the prestigiousness linked to the trade mark, and inform on functionality which is received by the user, gaining such device. Regularly the information filters into the press that this or that celebrated personality became Vertu client. Certainly, each new buyer not only becomes the owner of an exclusive product, but also wants to get to the company of movie stars and business magnates.
Vertu Cell PhonesEven strict analysts designate Vertu the quite good future. By word representatives Yankee Group, top models of phones are one of the most profitable sectors for manufacturers. Earlier all looks have been paid to tools 3G for which buyers should fork up on new, more functional models. Today, considering slow implantation of networks of the third generation by the transportable operators, phones inlaid with precious metals become good generators of incomes.

By the way, in 2000 the Chinese TCL Mobile operator has entered the market with the devices inlaid with brilliants. The most expensive model of the Chinese manufacturer cost $2400. For three years sales volumes of such phones (some of them contained false jewels and cost much less) have made ten thousand devices.

Vertu does an emphasis on tools and quality, displacing a prestige questions a little. It can appear the successful long-term strategy: putting accent on uniqueness, the company sells more and more phones, thereby destroying a myth about too expensive uniqueness.

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