Spanish Language Learning iPad

Modern technology gives you the opportunity to study, staying in any corner of the world and not spending money on it. There are lots of DVDs designed to introduce Spanish to babies and toddlers and Spanish language DVDs for school age kids on the market. Also there a lot of different videos on YouTube or different online courses. But these are, by and large, passive learning mediums. With the emergence of the iPad – and more new tablet-style computers certainly on their way – learning a new language has taken on a whole new interactive quality.
With the iPad, even very young children can learn Spanish anywhere, anytime. A variety of language learning apps have been created for this specific purpose. However, some are better than others, because of it optimization and some owners of app prefer to buy app reviews for AppStore. This review attempts to highlight the best of the Spanish language learning apps for very young children. All the apps listed below can be found in the iTunes store. Note, all prices are as of the publication date of this article.

iPad Apps That Teach Spanish Numbers

Babies and toddlers need to learn number concepts at the same time they are learning number names, whether in English or another language. These apps are designed to help build those number concepts.
Hello-Hello Kids Language Learning: This multi-lingual app, sporting rich animation, focuses on learning numbers 1-20. While the topic is limited, the advantage to this app is that it teaches numbers in seven different languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and English.
Learning Numbers in Spanish HD: This entertaining application uses video and music to teach babies number concepts in Spanish along with everyday vocabulary such as colors, shapes, fruit, and more.

iPad Apps That Teach Spanish Vocabulary

Most Spanish language apps, even those for the youngest children, offer vocabulary in a wide variety of concept areas. The apps list below cover everything from colors to animals and food and much more.

  • Spanish Baby Cards for iPad!: Includes over 200 Spanish and English words in over 15 categories. Combines audio with brightly illustrated flashcards.
  • Kid’s Spanish: Designed for preschool/kindergarten age, this colorful game teaches basic concepts (numbers, colors, alphabet) and words in a variety of categories (animals, sports, etc.) with touch screen technology. The Kid’s Spanish HD Lite focuses only on colors and numbers.
  • My First Spanish Words. This colorful word-building game includes over 50 animal, color, and fruit words. Children manipulate the letters that accompany bright graphics.
  • My World Spanish for iPad: Utilizes interactive graphics and native speaker audio to teach vocabulary based on everyday, useful categories. Self-described as a “talking audio picture book,” the app toggles between English and Spanish.
  • My First Words in Spanish HD: This professionally developed app combines video and audio with interactive games to teach vocabulary in a wide range of language categories.
  • FirstWords: Spanish: This 114 word interactive reading game is designed for the very young. The graphics are simple but cute.

Young children learn best through play. The creators of Spanish language apps for babies, toddlers, preschoolers know that. They excel in making their applications bright and colorful, and many employ motion and music, while others are interactive. But it’s important to remember that the key to learning language – any language – is person to person interaction. When child and parent use the applications together and interact in Spanish, the learning will be even more meaningful and fun, and the child will learn faster.