We rely more and more on smartphones in our pockets to keep in touch with friends, watch movies and serials, get a job, and get things done at the office. But phones themselves will not make sense without software that enriches with new features that (perhaps) did not dream of their developers.
iPhone App
Gather money for vacation, repair, and dream or organize your expenses.
Budgeting is boring and uninteresting, but with the help of applications that analyze costs, organize data and build interesting charts, this process becomes more exciting. These applications will help to find the “black hole” in which all the salaries fly, and accumulate something really important.

Keeping track of checking and savings accounts, investments, loans, car and mortgage payments, and everything in between can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating. The ideal solution is to consolidate all financial information in one place for easy access, which can be a huge task in and of itself.

Creating an account with Mint is simple, quick, and safe, and now with the Mint iPhone app, anyone can monitor their entire budget easily from their iPhone.

Free Account to Consolidate All Finances

To begin, users need to sign up for a free account at Mint.com. In just five minutes, a new member can add all of their accounts, including bank, credit card, home loan, and investments. This is the only data entry Mint requires to function.

Mint will automatically find and display all balances and purchases, providing a full-scope view of the user’s budget. The website offers countless ways for the user to examine his budget, and offers valuable tips on investing, paying off student loans, saving for retirement, and paying taxes.

Mint accounts are anonymous; membership does not require name, address, social security numbers, or PINs.

Use iPhone to Manage Budgets

The Mint app, a free application from the iTunes app store, allows the user to manage all accounts on the go. Upon downloading the app, all the user’s Mint account information is automatically synchronized with the iPhone. Users can set alerts for balances with the app, helping to avoid overdraft fees and other annoying charges.

If the user loses his iPhone, his account information will remain secure and safe. Deactivating the Mint app can be done on Mint.com with just one click, helping to prevent identity theft.

Mint iPhone App Features

The complete features for this application include:

    • Access to checking, savings, credit card, investment, and loan account balances from the iPhone
    • Easy viewing of income versus expenses to make informed buying decisions
    • Realtime view of monthly budgets for up-to-the-minute information
    • Easy viewing of purchases, deposits, and other account activity
    • Monitoring of 401K, brokerage, and IRA accounts
    • Manage different budget areas, including bills, food, and auto, and receive valuable tips on saving and investing

Alerts for low available cash or credit, overdraft, unusually large purchases, and odd spending activity

All of this is possible after only five minutes of entering account information on Mint.com. Mint automatically detects all account information after registration, so no extra data entry is ever necessary.