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Top 7 calling apps

Recently, a videoconference could only be held in special rooms. Now such a function is available anywhere, even in the car, and on any device. Out of expensive pleasure, the videoconference turned into a free opportunity for conducting workshops and business negotiations with partners. All you need is access to the Internet and a program suitable for your purposes.

The technology has brought people much closer by overcoming all the barriers of communication. The apps opened the new channels of exchanging ideas for the people worldwide so that they part of discussions anytime and anywhere. Whether you want Catch up with your buddies for a night out, discuss a business plan with your partner or coordinate the task for co-workers, the apps lets you have access to people any corner of the world.

1) Group me:

Make a group of your choice and start conversing with the members instantly. You can form different groups for your family, friends, and colleagues and accordingly choose a group to start a talk. Each group is assigned with a unique phone number which all members of that group can access anytime to make a call or just chat. Just select the people from your contacts and you are all set for texting or calling. Group me never lets you miss any important message as the data is sent to you via SMS during poor data connection.

2) Conference caller:

Your important conference call for board meeting is just a click away! Conference call eliminates the need of remembering and entering conference codes for making a call, hence by making a group call much easier. Get access to your group instantly and save the data without disturbing your chat.
Top 7 calling apps

3) IP-conference:

It’s a perfect app to hold immediate business meetings on a phone with the members across the world. IP-Conference lets you have a conference with about 10 members at a time giving the best platform to have discussions on urgent issues. The app works well with IP-Phone and IP-Callback.

4) Moshi:

Moshi for android device lets you make conference call to your friends, business partners, colleagues via Phone, Skype and Gtalk. The best part of the app is that no conference codes, temporary conference numbers are to be remembered to make a call to your group and neither does the participants require downloading the similar app on their device. Just enter the skype/Gtalk/phone numbers you wish to call and get set go!

5) ConCall:voice conference:

You are just 4 steps away for a meeting with your partner. Within minutes your meeting would start giving enough room for discussions. Download and open with free PP concall on your Smartphone, choose the numbers from your contact list or enter your desired number, click on meeting and begin your meeting by picking up the phone and pressing 1.A very easy set up with no codes to access the call.

6) Ring2conference:

Considered to be the most suggestive app, the functions of Ring2conference from android would make it synonymous to conference calling. With a ring2 conferencing account, your every day conference calls are managed with no extra effort. Anytime during the middle of the call, you can join a new call, keep any call on hold, control the background noise and record the call. Control, view and access the calls with no disturbance to your ongoing call.

7) Tango:

Tango lets you Share your beautiful moments with any person across the world. All the tango members can now make free video calls over any network and any device. Be it a Smartphone, tablet or a PC, with just tango account you are in the community of tango to enjoy its international video calls without shedding a penny from your account.

It is the voice clarity and convenient access which distinguishes the apps from each other. The conference calling apps from android brings a meeting room to your phone with members just a click away!