Ensure the maximum battery life

Top 5 android appsIn our mobile age it is important to always be on the network, so as not to miss important information or a call. Especially if you like to travel a lot, because a good mobile Internet is at hand – it is very profitable and convenient (experienced tourists understand what we are about). Therefore, mobile phone owners are actively interested in special applications that can not only prolong the period between charging the phone, but also significantly increase the efficiency of their smartphone.
The smartphones with android interface have unlimited apps to download with high end graphics and animations. Though the internal memory and battery life supports massive storage and running of apps, the performance becomes a matter of concern as the speed is affected in due course. To ensure the maximum battery life, android presents the set of apps which would boost up the battery management and increase the battery working hours for your device.

1) Juice defender ultimate:

Juice defender, one of the powerful battery saving app automatically controls and manages all the battery consuming components like WiFi, 3G/4G connectivity as customized and hence bless your Smartphone with larger battery life. The clever app knows when to enable/disable connectivity or when to manage the CPU speed and control the screen brightness when battery is at the edge.

2) Battery defender: battery saver:

Battery defender proves to be a very intelligent app which comes to recue to prevent the battery level from making its doorway. It notifies you with the battery percentage from time to time to control running unnecessary apps and banks more power by automatically managing data connectivity and syncing of apps. It puts you phone to sleep when not in use to give a better battery life.

3) Super a tool box-cache battery:

It’s a super cool multi –tasking app from android with tremendous tools to improve efficiency of your phone. Not only it would indicate the battery status but also create more memory space for your phone by detecting and deleting the cache files. To boost up the battery, it monitors and controls various settings like the ringer mode, the screen brightness, Bluetooth, WI-Fi network, GPS settings and most importantly kills the apps which otherwise cause battery to exhaust.

4) Battery Dr saver + task killer:

The app is truly a battery doctor which saves the battery life and leads to more talk time, audio and video time. It catch holds the tasks draining the battery and kills them effectively enabling the phone to run faster and thereby consuming less power. The app gives details for battery health, temperature and status and alarms you when the battery is at threshold.

5) Advance task manager pro:

One of the most important factors contributing to less battery life is running of multi tasks which slow down the processing capacity of the phone and hence consuming more battery power. The advance task manager notifies you with all the tasks running on the screen and prompts you to delete the tasks which are not required. It auto kills the tasks on screen off and lets you uninstall the apps which occupy unnecessary space on your phone.

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The apps for saving battery in android market are innumerable, each with added benefits. You are notified every moment for your battery level prompting you to end the unnecessary tasks and applications. With the best apps for your android device, Save the battery life and enjoy the long battery hours.